Vol. 37, issue 05, article # 9

Antokhina O. Yu., Gochakov A. V., Zorkal’tseva O. S., Аntokhin P. N., Krupchatnikov V. N. Breaking of Rossby waves in the stratosphere. Part I. Climatology and long-term variability. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2024. V. 37. No. 05. P. 415–422. DOI: 10.15372/AOO20240509 [in Russian].
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The processes of planetary wave breaking (Rossby Wave Breaking – RWB) significantly contribute to variability in stratospheric circulation. Employing a previously developed method for identifying RWB, adapted for stratospheric circulation, this study analyzes the climatology and long-term variability of RWB processes in the middle stratosphere. The method is based on the analysis of potential vorticity (PV) contour geometry at the 850-K level using ERA5 data within the PV range 0–400 PVU (Potential Vorticity Units) determined based on PV field climatology. It was demonstrated that RWB processes exhibit intraseasonal peculiarities. Most frequently, waves break in the northern regions of East Asia and the Pacific Ocean from October to December and in April to March. In January and February, no areas with prevailing RWB processes were identified. We obtained statistically significant increase in the number of RWB for the first half of winter (October–December) and for the end of the winter period (March and April). For mid-winter (January and February), insignificant negative trends were obtained.


planetary wave disruption, stratosphere, stratospheric polar vortex, sudden stratospheric warming, potential vorticity, contours of potential vorticity



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