Vol. 33, issue 10, article # 2

Smalikho I. N. Consideration of the wind transfer of turbulent inhomogeneities when estimating the turbulent energy dissipation rate from measurements with a conically scanning coherent Doppler lidar. Part I. Theory. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2020. V. 33. No. 10. P. 756–761. DOI: 10.15372/AOO20201002 [in Russian].
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Using the Taylor’s hypothesis of “frozen" turbulence, the technique suggested in [Smalikho I.N., Banakh V.A. Measurements of wind turbulence parameters by a conically scanning coherent Doppler lidar in the atmospheric boundary layer // Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 2017. V. 10, N 11. P. 4191–4208] is improved. In contrast to the previously applied approach, the technique improved provides for unbiased estimates of the dissipation rate for arbitrary values of the ratio of the average wind speed to the linear speed of the conical scan. Based on the results of theoretical calculations, the conditions are determined under which it is not necessary to take into account the wind transfer of turbulent inhomogeneities when estimating the dissipation rate from measurements by conically scanning pulsed coherent Doppler lidars.


coherent Doppler lidar, conical scanning, wind, turbulence


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