Vol. 1, issue 07, article # 8

Gordov E. P., Rodimova O. B., Smirnov Yu. E. Qualitative Investigation of Ozone Cycle Coupled Equation. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1988. V. 1. No. 07. P. 56-63.
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A differential equation system for concentrations describing Chapman's ozone cycle is analyzed by means of the qualitative investigation methods. The integral of motion is found, that allows one to reduce the system to that of dynamic equations on a plane. The steady states are determined in the finite part of the plane and those at infinity are found using Poincare's transformation. The trajectory behaviour in the vicinity of all the steady states is obtained through the characteristic equations. It is shown that the approximations used earlier for simplifying the ozone cycle equations fail to account for the qualitative features inherent in the entire Chapman's system.