Vol. 5, issue 09, article # 9

Zuev V. V., Mitsel' A. A., Ptashnik I. V. On the accuracy of remote sounding of carbon monoxide using the second harmonic of a TEA-CO2 laser radiation. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1992. V. 5. No. 09. P. 631-635. PDF
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The effect of a finite width of a laser pulse radiation on the effective coefficient of differential absorption of CO is studied for the case of sounding by a long–path absorption technique with the use of the second harmonic TEA–CO2 laser. It is shown that under laser mixture pressure ~ 1 atm the neglect of the effect of spectral averaging can result in the errors in determining the absorption coefficient and, hence, CO concentration of 10 to 100 %. Nontraditional method is proposed for processing data of sounding to eliminate these errors. The errors in determining the CO, which are caused by the sounding radiation line shift, are also estimated.