Vol. 5, issue 09, article # 8

Voitsekhovskaya O. K., Kuznetsov S. V., Ostapenko S. P., Cherkasov M. R. Database on the parameters of spectral lines of nitrogen and carbon oxides in the temperature range 300-3000 K. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1992. V. 5. No. 09. P. 626-630. PDF
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A structure of the database on the parameters of spectral lines (PSL) of rovibrational spectra of nitrogen and carbon oxides is proposed based on generated program modules of PSL calculation. The program complexes for the CO molecule have been organized based on the semiempirical approach to the dipole moment matrix elements and F–factor of rovibrational interaction calculations, which were presented in the polynomial form over the vibrational and rotational quantum numbers.
For the nitrogen oxide new expressions for the line intensities have been obtained owing to more rigorous determination of the molecular wave function using the effective Hamiltonian with parameters determined from the processing of spectra corresponding to transitions with high values of quantum numbers (V ≤ 22) and, correspondingly, at high temperature T ~ 3000 K. The calculations of CO and NO absorption coefficients for different temperatures have been made in the approach of optically thin layer and the results adequate to the experimental spectra of the considered gases were obtained.