Vol. 27, issue 04, article # 14

Petrov V. V., Pestryakov E. V., Laptev A. V., Petrov V. A., Kuptsov G. V. Pump channel of parametric amplifier of terawatt femtosecond Yb laser system. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2014. V. 27. No. 04. P. 346-350 [in Russian].
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In this paper, we have presented some components of a designed terawatt femtosecond laser system with the repetition rate 1 kHz. The system consists of pump and amplification channels which are optically synchronized. The amplification and pump channels are based on parametric amplification in LBO crystal and diode-pumped Yb3+-doped laser media at 77°K, respectively. In the pump channel pulses of picoseconds duration are generated. These pulses pump the non-linear crystal of the parametric amplifier. The system is based on the chirped-pulse amplification technique. For the pump channel, parameters and alignments of the holographic gratings-based stretcher compressor system are determined. The Yb:Y2O3 ceramics multipass amplifier operating at 77°K diode-pumped by 1 kW was developed. The data can be used in the development of cryogenic multistage femtosecond laser systems working with high a repetition rate in the kilohertz regime.


femtosecond pulses, cryogenic temperature, laser diode pumping, multipass amplifier, stretcher–compressor


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