Vol. 27, issue 04, article # 12

Leshchenko V. E., Trunov V. I., Pestryakov E. V., Frolov S. A. Aberration-free broadband stretcher–compressor system for femtosecond petawatt level laser system based on parametric amplification. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2014. V. 27. No. 04. P. 332-340 [in Russian].
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The optimal stretcher-compressor scheme is designed for the use in facilities with chirped pulse optical parametric amplification under picosecond (∼ 100 ps) pumping. It enables one to achieve petawatt peak power in less than 10 fs pulses with high contrast and low aberrations. The stretcher design is based on an Öffner telescope with spherical mirrors and two diffraction gratings, one being placed in the center of spherical mirrors. It is shown to be the only possible aberration-free stretcher design with spherical mirrors. Performed analysis shows that the compressor consisting of four transmission diffraction gratings with 112 x 125 mm aperture, 3 mm thickness and chirped mirrors adding –4500 fs2 dispersion with 100 mm aperture allows amplified pulse compression with up to 1 PW peak power and less that 10 fs pulse duration, with total B-integral being less than 1. The designed stretcher–compressor system is planned to be implemented in the high power femtosecond laser facility developed at ILP SB RAS.


compressor, stretcher, optical parametric amplification, femtosecond pulses, ultrarelativistic intensity


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