Vol. 25, issue 06, article # 9

Topchaya V. Yu., Chechko V. A., Shevchenko V. P. The composition of aeolian material contained in the snow cover of coastal South-Eastern Baltic Sea. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2012. V. 25. No. 06. P. 518–522 [in Russian].
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The results of studies of the aeolian material contained in the snow cover of the coastal zone of South-Eastern Baltic Sea in 2009–2011 are presented. The average value of concentration of insoluble particles in the snow cover is 13.81 mg/l. In the snow cover anthropogenic particles are dominated in the form of soot and fly ash. Biogenic material is mainly composed of vegetation fibers and valves of diatoms. Mineral particles were found in all samples, the quartz grains prevail among them.


aeolian material, snow cover, soot, fly ash, mineral particles, valves of diatoms