Vol. 25, issue 06, article # 5

Glazkova A. A., Kuznetsova I. N., Shalygina I. Yu., Semutnikova E. G. The diurnal variation of aerosol concentration (PM10) in summer in the Moscow region . // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2012. V. 25. No. 06. P. 495–500 [in Russian].
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Тhe article is about a typical diurnal variation of aerosol (PM10) concentration in the Moscow area in summer obtained by observations on the “Mosekomonitoring” network, as well as an average daily PM10 profile in distributing products of fires in summers of 2007 and 2010. A comparison of the average diurnal variation of PM10 in Moscow with the data of foreign monitoring. The reasons of PM10 increase during periods of the absence of fires are considered. There are three types of abnormal diurnal variation of PM10: one due to the processes of accumulation of aerosol in surface air, another one, advection, the third one, the wind increasing before the atmospheric front.


aerosol, a typical diurnal variation, adverse meteorological conditions, fire aerosol