Vol. 24, issue 09, article # 12

Anokhin G. G., Аntokhin P. N., Arshinov M. Yu., Barsuk V. E., Belan B. D., Belan S. B., Davydov D. K., Ivlev G. A., Kozlov A. V., Kozlov V. S., Morozov M. V., Panchenko M. V., Penner I. E., Pestunov D. A., Sikov G. P., Simonenkov D. V., Sinitsyn D. S., Tolmachev G. N., Filipov D. V., Fofonov A. V., Chernov D. G., Shamanaev V. S., Shmargunov V. P. OPTIK Tu-134 aicraft laboratory. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2011. V. 24. No. 09. P. 805-816 [in Russian].
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In this paper OPTIK Tu-134 aircraft laboratory developed in 2011 is described. The scientific instrumental complex includes contact and remote sensing means. They allow measurements of gas and aerosol species in the atmosphere at different heights and meteorological and navigation parameters as well. Remote sensing meansenable studying some atmospheric properties as well as the water surface characteristics.


atmosphere, aerosol, air, gas, sensing, admixture, aircraft laboratory