Vol. 21, issue 12, article # 15

Ageev B. G., Kistenev Yu. V., Krasnozhenov E. P., Nikiforova O. Yu., Nikotin E. S., Nikotina G. S., Ponomarev Yu. N., Fokin V. A. Diagnostics of infectious and bronchial-pulmonary diseases using photoacoustic spectroscopy of the man-expired air. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2008. V. 21. No. 12. P. 969-974.    PDF
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The aim of this work is the investigation of gas emission of various pathogenic bacterium cultures using the photoacoustic method of laser spectroscopy, as well as the estimation of possibility of noninvasive express diagnostics of infectious and bronchial-pulmonary diseases by the spectroscopic analysis of the man-expired air. Absorption spectra were recorded with an intracavity photoacoustic sensor on the base of a waveguide СО2 laser with discrete frequency tuning. The investigation of spectra was carried out by the data mining method. It was established that, in spite of similar, on the whole, behavior of bacterium gas emission spectra, available distinctions are sufficient to select some bacterium kinds. Measurements were carried out with a test group consisting of 100 persons and a group of patients (60 persons) affected by different bronchopulmonary pathologies. It was shown that absorption spectra allow the differentiation of patients according to their pathology.


opto-acoustic spectroscopy, multicomponent gas mixtures, gas-exchange in atmosphere, expired air, respiratory pathologies