Vol. 21, issue 12, article # 11

Bychkov V. V., Marichev V. N., Perezhogin A. S., Shevtsov B. M., Shumeiko A. V. Dynamics of lidar returns in Kamchatka mesosphere in period of anomalous wintertime radiowave absorption in ionosphere. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2008. V. 21. No. 12. P. 946-950.    PDF
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We describe the Rayleigh lidar, brought into use in Kamchatka in 2007. The relation between lidar measurements and simultaneous ionospheric observations is analyzed. We present the data, which confirm the observations, performed at IAO, Tomsk, in period from 1988 to 2000; they reveal the formation of aerosol layers in the region of stratopause at wintertime. We study the relation between formation of aerosol layers, observed above the stratopause in Kamchatka, and the anomalous radiowave absorption in ionosphere, observed at the same time. Regular growth of the scattering ratio is revealed, starting from altitudes of about 60 km. The dynamics of lidar signals in this region and its relation with the state of the lower ionosphere are studied.


stratospheric warming, mesosphere, lidar, aerosol, ionosphere, anomalous absorption of radio-waves