Vol. 21, issue 10, article # 1

Bykov A. D., Kalinin K. V., Kruglova T. V. Calculation of H2 vibrational-rotational energy levels. Testing of the Generalized Euler Transform (GET). // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2008. V. 21. No. 10. P. 719-724. PDF
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he summation method of the divergent series, known as “Generalized Euler transform” is considered and applied to the simplest case: calculation of the perturbation theory series for two-atomic H2 molecule. In calculations, the following kinds of approximants were used: the formula for energy levels of the Kratzer oscillator; Pade simplest approximants, Pade – Borel and Pade – Hermit approximants; effective characteristic polynomials. The computations were made for the ground state energy level. Comparisons of obtained results with the fitting data were conducted, and predictions were made for energy levels, which were not used in the fitting.


divergence series, summing methods, Euler transform, disturbance theory, H2 molecule