Vol. 17, issue 10, article # 9

Burlakov V. D., Dolgii S. I., Nevzorov A. V. Modification of the measuring complex at the Siberian Lidar Station. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2004. V. 17. No. 10. P. 756-762. PDF
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We consider a modernized measurement complex of the Siberian Lidar Station for monitoring of short- and long-term variations of characteristics of stratospheric aerosol layer (SAL), ozonosphere, and the temperature of the middle atmosphere. The measurements of the SAL characteristics are performed at the wavelength of 532 nm using a receiving mirror 0.3 m in diameter. The receiving mirror with diameter of 2.2 m allows us to record molecular backscattering signals in the altitude range from 30-80 km and, simultaneously, the signals of Raman scattering from nitrogen molecules at the wavelength of 607 nm in the altitude range from 10-30 km. The simultaneous signal recording makes it possible to reconstruct the continuous temperature profile for the altitude range 10-75 km. The measurements of vertical ozone distribution in the stratosphere use the method of differential absorption and scattering at the wavelength pair 308/353 nm, where lidar signals are recorded with a receiving mirror 0.5 m in diameter.