Vol. 15, issue 05-06, article # 9

Molozhnikova E. V., Kuchmenko E. V., Netsvetaeva O. G., Kobeleva N. A., Golobokova L. P., Khodzher T. V. Comparison of experimental and calculated data on ion composition of precipitation in the south of Eastern Siberia. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2002. V. 15. No. 05-06. P. 401-404. PDF
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The influence of the chemical composition of atmospheric air and condensation nuclei on the composition of atmospheric precipitation (AP) is analyzed using the mathematical modeling. Aerosols are represented in the form of solid salts of metals. Relationships between the chemical composition of precipitation and air mass traveling trajectories are analyzed based on 1999 data. To assess unambiguously the effect of the considered factors on the AP composition, it is necessary to carry out a similar analysis based on data for several years.