Vol. 15, issue 05-06, article # 7

Vinogradova A. A., Shevchenko V. P., Ponomareva T. Ta., Kluvitkin A. A. Contribution of atmospheric aerosol to water pollution of the Laptev Sea. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2002. V. 15. No. 05-06. P. 391-396. PDF
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Ten-year (1986-1995) series of forward and backward trajectories of air mass transport to the region of the Laptev Sea are analyzed. Seasonal variations in average atmospheric concentrations and flows onto the sea surface are estimated for six anthropogenic chemical elements (As, Ni, Pb, V, Zn, Cd) by modeling the air transport of pollutants to the Arctic. The main atmospheric pollution sources for the Laptev Sea basin are shown to be Norilsk, Ural, and Kuzbass regions, whose contributions vary in different seasons and for different kinds of pollutants. The average flows of anthropogenic atmospheric constituents onto the surface of the Laptev Sea are maximal in spring and fall and minimal in summer. The annually average contribution of atmospheric aerosol to anthropogenic pollution of water of the central part of the Laptev Sea can make about one third of that drained by rivers.