Vol. 14, issue 10, article # 3

Sirazetdinov V. S., Dmitriev D. I., Ivanov I. V., Titterton D. H. Effect of turbo-engine jet on laser radiation. Part 1. Angular spectrum of disturbed beam. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2001. V. 14. No. 10. P. 824-829. PDF
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The angular spectrum of laser beams (l = 1.06 and 0.53 mkm) traversing a turbo-engine jet at different angles to its axis (90, 45, and 10°) has been studied experimentally. The angular divergence of radiation increases by 6 to 35 times under the effect of the jet. It has been found that the angular width of the 0.53-mkm beam significantly (two to three times) exceeds that of the 1.06-mkm beam and the angular intensity distribution of radiation demonstrates azimuth asymmetry. By selecting the appropriate spectrum of the refractive index fluctuations (combination of the von Karman spectrum for turbulence and an additional high-frequency spectral function, anisotropy in the region of the outer scales of turbulence), analytical equations have been derived for estimation of the angular distribution of the disturbed beams; the obtained results are in agreement with the experimental data.