Vol. 14, issue 05, article # 4

Kopylova T. N., Kuznetsova R. T., Maier G. V., Svetlichnyi V. A., Tel'minov E. N., Filinov D. N. Photonics of complex molecules under conditions of nonlinear absorption at high-power laser excitation. Part 1. Peculiarities of spontaneous and stimulated molecular emission in strong light fields. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2001. V. 14. No. 05. P. 332-337. PDF
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Emission from concentrated (1018-1019 cm-3) solutions of complex organic compounds (rhodamine 6G, substituted paraterphenyl) in strong light fields of XeCl laser radiation (power density up to 5 1026 phot/s cm2) is studied. Under our experimental conditions, four types of emission were observed; three of them are interpreted unambiguously (fluorescence, lasing, lasing on a thermal lens), while the nature of the fourth type is still unclear. This type of emission ("strip") is presumably interpreted as amplified spontaneous emission, but it also may be collective emission of an ensemble of excited molecules. Further investigations aimed at elucidating the nature of this emission are planned.