Vol. 1, issue 07, article # 7

Aganbekyan K. A., Voitsekhovskaya O. K., Kulikov V. V., Trifonova N. N. H2O Pure Rotational Band Absolute Line Intensities in High-Frequency Wing. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1988. V. 1. No. 07. P. 47-55.
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Absolute intensity values for 117 pure rotational transitions of H2O in the 10-18mm region were measured using a computerized setup consisting of a multipass absorption cell and a diffraction spectrometer. The data obtained allowed estimation of the vibration-rotational interaction parameters in the line intensity F-factor by the least-squares fitting and prediction of the line intensities for the entire H2O rotational band. The calculated results extrapolated to higher excited rotational transitions were then compared with the line intensities observed by other authors to show good agreement.