Vol. 1, issue 07, article # 1

Komarov V. S., Remenson V. A. Physico-Statistical Models for Atmospheric Optics Problems: Current Status and Outlook. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1988. V. 1. No. 07. P. 3-16.
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Current Status and outlook for physicostatistical atmospheric models as applied to the design, development and use of optical sounding systems are discussed. Special emphasis is given to the general principles and postulates underlying the applied classification of the Earth's climates and construction of globally-regional models by means of taxonomic methods. As an example, the results of such a climatic zoning obtained for the Northern hemisphere on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of the altitude distribution of the pressure-temperature-humidity-ozone complex and the global cloudiness are considered. The parameters of the five-element climatic model of the atmosphere for a typical quasi-homogeneous region are presented.