Vol. 32, issue 05, article # 9

Belan B.D., Savkin D.E. The role of air humidity in variations in the surface ozone concentration. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2019. V. 32. No. 05. P. 395–398 [in Russian].
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The dependence of variations in the surface ozone concentration on the absolute air humidity is studied based on measurements at the TOR station in 1994–2017. The analysis performed revealed a neutral dependence at positive temperatures and unexpectedly strong and alternating sign variability at negative temperatures. The absolute air humidity negatively affects the ozone formation in the surface air layer, decreasing the ozone concentration at temperatures of 0…-30 °C. At very low temperatures (lower -30 °C) the effect becomes positive, i.e., the ozone concentration on increases with the absolute air humidity.


atmosphere, gas, humidity, air, ozone


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