Vol. 32, issue 05, article # 4

Afanas'ev A.L., Banakh V.A., Marakasov D.A. Monitoring of wind conditions and indication of wake tracks in the area of the airport runway by the passive optical method. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2019. V. 32. No. 05. P. 365–370 [in Russian].
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The wind speed and atmospheric turbulence in the airport runway were measured using a passive optical method based on the correlation analysis of turbulent distortions of distant objects of observation. The optical path was organized in the area of the ground section of the plane descent glidepath near the start of the runway. After the aircraft passed above the line of sight of the meter, significant velocity emissions and increased turbulence, caused by the wake, against the background of a moderate side wind were stably recorded. The results indicate the practical applicability of this method for instrumental indication of the presence or absence of wake vortex tracks over the airport. This information can be useful in assessing the safe intervals in the process of organizing departure and landings of aircraft.


crosswind, turbulence, aircraft vortex, air transport safety, passive optical monitoring


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