Vol. 25, issue 02, article # 5

Gordov E.P., Okladnikov I.G., Titov A.G., Bogomolov V.Yu., Shulgina T.M., Genina E.Yu. Geo-information system for investigation of regional climatic changes and first results obtained. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2012. V. 25. No. 02. P. 137-143 [in Russian].
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Information-computational system for statistical processing and analysis of archives of spatially-referenced modeling and observational geophysical data is described. The system developed allows one to choose territory and characteristics to be analyzed and processed with subsequent visualization of the results. As one of the system's applications, computational modules were developed to analyze regional peculiarities of dynamics of the main climatic characteristics and their interrelations, as well as to plot graphs, diagrams and mapped fields using web-GIS-technologies. Efficiency of the information-computational system is illustrated by the example of investigation of spatiotemporal behavior of surface air temperature and precipitation in Siberia in terms of the following climatic indices: annual and seasonal dynamics of meteorological characteristics, growing season length, sum of day-averaged temperature above 5°ะก, as well as precipitation total and intensity.


information-computational system, web-technologies, spatially-referenced data, GIS, climate change