Vol. 25, issue 02, article # 14

Fedorov A.I., Fedorov V.F., Dimaki V.A. The possibilities of prompt control for CuBr-laser radiation parameters. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2012. V. 25. No. 02. P. 198-202 [in Russian].
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The CuBr-laser pumping parameters were investigated with a pulse repetition rate of 14 kHz with an independent heating of active medium and a supplementary source of excitation pulses, providing prompt control for radiation parameters in a given operating time range. The created experimental setup allowed one to realize both fast and slow time operating conditions of variation of output mean radiation power. It is shown that for prompt control of laser radiation power the voltage amplitude of a supplementary excitation pulse should be in limits of 12-28% of the amplitude of the basic excitation pulse. In this case, the proposed control operating condition enables one promptly change from pulse to pulse the output radiation parameters, using larger energy of the supplementary excitation pulse as compared with self-heating laser operating conditions.


gas-discharge CuBr-laser, mean radiation power, supplementary and principal exitation pulses