Vol. 25, issue 01, article # 11

Kshevetskaya M.A., Poberovsky A.V., Timofeev Yu.M. Measurements of N2O total column amount in the vicinity of St. Petersburg. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2012. V. 25. No. 01. P. 75-79 [in Russian].
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For the first time in Russia, N2O total column amounts have been retrieved from ground-based IR measurements of solar radiation with a high spectral resolution during more than 1 year (1 April 2009 - 1 May 2010). The upper estimate of random errors of N2O measurements are about 3%, systematic errors are not more than 5-7%. Measured values of N2O total column amounts are in (6.25-6.8)•1018 mol./cm2. Annual average values of N2O total column amount are (6.46-6.52)•1018 mol./cm2 and well fit values determined at a number of NDACC stations.


gas composition, remote sensing, nitrous oxide, trends