Vol. 25, issue 01, article # 4

Filimonov G.A., Dudorov V.V., Kolosov V.V. Position of the sharp-image plane for light sources in the turbulent atmosphere. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2012. V. 25. No. 01. P. 26-30 [in Russian].
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The propagation of laser radiation through the turbulent atmosphere and its focusing by a receiving optics has been simulated numerically. The sharp-image plane, where the image of a light source has the minimum angular size, is searched. The dependence of the sharp-image plane position on the atmospheric turbulence strength is studied. The results of numerical simulation are compared with approximate analytical and empiric estimates. It is shown that the position of the sharp-image plane is determined by a constant for a plane wave, point source, and all limited laser beams within the region of strong turbulent fluctuations.


atmospheric optics, propagation of laser radiation, sharp image plane, turbulence, laser beam, optical imaging