Vol. 25, issue 03, article # 1

Osipov V.V., Solomonov V.I., Sheetov V.A., Maksimov R.N., Lukyashin K.E., Orlov A.N. Ceramics with disordered crystal structure for lasers active media. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2012. V. 25. No. 03. P. 207-209 [in Russian].
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In present work the optical properties of the highly transparent ceramics for lasers active media with wide emission bandwidth are presented. Ceramics has been synthesized from 1 at.% Yb3+ : Y2O3 nanopowders to which isovalent Lu3+ and Sc3+ and heterovalent Zr4+ ions were added for disordering the crystal structure. The emission bandwidth of Yb3+ ion on the 2F5/22F7/2 transition at a 50% level of the maximum luminescence intensity was 20-30 nm. Moreover, at a 25% level this bandwidth is covered by the bandwidth of the same transition but at lower 2F7/2 level and full bandwidth, at which it is more than 100 nm.


nanopowders, ceramics, disordered structure, luminescence, emission bandwidth