Vol. 4, issue 05, article # 14

Popov A.A., Shefer O.V. An algorithm for determination of the refractive index and orientation of the ice plates from the polarization laser sensing data. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1991. V. 4. No. 05. P. 530–534.
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Within the framework of the optical model of a cloud in the form of an ensemble of oriented plates and on the basis of the two-angle scheme of sounding, a system of two nonlinear equations is obtained for determining the refractive index and one of the angles of orientation of the plates. The procedure of solving this system is reduced to a simple iterative algorithm. The algorithm is illustrated by a two-dimensional nomogram, whose output parameters are the refractive index and the angle orientation of the plates. Another angle of plate orientation is determined from the properties of the depolarization ratio.