Vol. 9, issue 12, article # 13

Kolosov V.V. Energy streamlines in the vicinity of dislocations of a three-dimensional wave field. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1996. V. 9. No. 12. P. 1037-1042.
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Based on the analysis of general integral solution of wave equation (the Kirchhoff integral) in Fresnel approximation, a behavior of the energy streamlines is considered at improper points of three-dimensional optical field, i.e. phase front dislocations and saddles, where the amplitude and the transverse gradient of a field phase vanish. The peculiarities are revealed in the energy streamlines behavior that allow one to distinguish between two- and three dimensional wave field. The diffraction rays method is shown to be useful in constructing the spatial spiral streamlines based on known intensity distribution.
The interference patterns arising from the interference between speckle field and plane waves of various directions are analyzed. It is shown, that the interference pattern can take form of "fractured" twisting spiral. The fracture points therewith coincide with the speckle field dislocations. In the case of interference with various plane waves, the pattern essentially changes. Nevertheless, at the dislocation points, the direction of a tangent to the interference line holds constant for all patterns.