Vol. 9, issue 08, article # 1

Ivlev L. S. Microstructural features of volcanic aerosols. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1996. V. 9. No. 08. P. 657-669. PDF
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A conclusion that the particle size distribution patterns are governed by volcanic activity has been drawn based on the volcanic aerosol dispersity data analysis. The maximums of the distribution function have been found in the diameter ranges of particle size 2–4 μm, 0.6–0.9 μm, and d > 0.5 μm. Particles with size 0.6–0.9 μm are supposed to be responsible for the anomalous spectral behavior of the aerosol extinction. Regularities in the enrichment factor behavior of some chemical elements in volcanic aerosols have been discovered to be determined by the eruption intensity, time elapsed from the start of emission, and distance of an aerosol sampling site from a volcanic crater. In particular, the enrichment factor for S has been found to increase with time. The increase of the enrichment factor for a number of volatile metals with altitude has been found.