Vol. 36, issue 05, article # 2

Serdyukov V. I., Sinitsa L. N., Mikhailenko S. N. Absorption spectrum of H217O between 7900 and 9500 cm-1. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2023. V. 36. No. 05. P. 346–355. DOI: 10.15372/AOO20230502 [in Russian].
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Absorption spectrum of water vapor highly enriched with 17O (more than 80%) was recorded using a Bruker IFS 125M Fourier spectrometer in the 7900–9500 cm-1 range at room temperature. The spectrum was recorded at a pressure of about 24 mbar with a spectral resolution of 0.02 cm-1. About 6300 lines with a minimal intensity value of 5.0 × 10-27 cm/molecule are found in the recorded spectrum. 4835 recorded lines are assigned to 5185 transitions of five water isotopologues (H216O, H217O, H218O, HD16O, and HD17O). H217O lines are assigned to 14 vibration bands. Most of them are the lines of the ν2 + 3, 3ν2 + ν3, ν1 + ν2 + ν3, ν1 + 2, and 2ν1 + ν2. The lines of the ν1 + 2ν2 + ν3 - ν2, 2ν1 + ν3 - ν2 and 2ν1 + 2 - ν2 hot bands are assigned for the first time. The assigned lines allow us to determine 153 new vibration-rotation energies of nine vibrational states of the H217O molecule and 22 energies of two states of the HD17O molecule. The data obtained are compared with the results of previous studies, the HITRAN2020 spectroscopic database, and W2020 list.


Fourier Transform spectroscopy, water isotopologue, H217O, HD17O, rotation–vibration energy level


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