Vol. 36, issue 04, article # 5

Rakitin V. S., Kirillova N. S., Fedorova E. I., Safronov A. N., Kazakov A. V., Dzhola A. V., Grechko E. I. Validation of TROPOMI orbital observations of the CO total column by ground-based measurements at the OIAP stations in Moscow and Zvenigorod. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2023. V. 36. No. 04. P. 289–298. DOI: 10.15372/AOO20230405 [in Russian].
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Carbon monoxide (CO) total column (TC) measurements of the TROPOMI high-resolution orbital spectrometer have been validated by ground-based spectroscopic measurements at sites of the A.M. Obukhov Institute of Atmoshperic Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, in Moscow and Zvenigorod for the period from June 28, 2018, to December 31, 2021. Correlation coefficients (R) between TROPOMI orbital data and ground-based stationary data are determined and analyzed. The high values of the correlation coefficient are obtained (R ~ 0.81–0.97) depending on the observation point, spatial averaging, and filtration applied. For different averaging of satellite data, the dependences of correlation parameters on the orbital angles, underlying surface albedo, and the height of atmospheric boundary layer are investigated. No influence of albedo on the correlation parameters of orbital and ground-based measurements is found for both observation sites. No significant dependence of correlation parameters on the viewing zenith angle is detected either. However, the correlation coefficients depend on the viewing azimuthal angles and the height of the atmospheric boundary layer. An increase in the correlation is obtained during observations at viewing azimuthal angles of less than 40° (up to R ~ 0.97), as well as under an increase in the height of the atmospheric boundary layer (up to R ~ 0.90).


carbon monoxide, total column, atmospheric spectroscopy, remote sensing, TROPOMI


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