Vol. 34, issue 11, article # 3

Marinina A. A., Borkov Yu. G., Petrova T. M., Solodov A. M., Solodov A. A., Perevalov V. I. Carbon dioxide absorption spectrum in the 4350–4550 cm-1 region. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2021. V. 34. No. 11. P. . DOI: 10.15372/AOO20211103 [in Russian].
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The absorption spectrum of a natural sample of carbon dioxide has been recorded in the 4350–4550 cm-1 wavenumber range with a Bruker IFS 125HR spectrometer and a 30 m multipass gas cell with a White-type optical system. The spectrum was recorded with a spectral resolution of 0.02 cm-1 at a pressure of 306 mbar, a temperature of ~ 301.7 K, and a path length of about 1058 m. That, along with 9800 interferograms, allowed attaining a sensitivity of 10-9 cm-1. The positions and intensities of 453 spectral lines of 17 bands of 5 carbon dioxide isotopologues (12C16O2, 13C16O2, 16О12C18O, 16О13C18O, and 16О13C17O) were measured. The 33303–02201, 41104–02201, and 41104–10002 bands of the principal isotopologue 12C16O2 and the 31103–00001 band of both 13C16O2 and 16О12C18O isotopologues were recorded for the first time. The measured line positions and intensities are compared with the values from the HITRAN2020 database.


carbon dioxide, isotopologue, high resolution spectra, spectral line parameters, HITRAN2020 database


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