Vol. 32, issue 04, article # 2

Bol'basova L.A., Lukin I.P., Kovadlo P.G., Shikhovtsev A.Yu. Seasonal statistics of the vertical distribution of wind speed at the Baikal Astrophysical Observatory. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2019. V. 32. No. 04. P. 266–272 [in Russian].
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Seasonal changes in the altitude distribution of wind speed in the lake Baikal region for the Baikal Astrophysical Observatory of the ISSP SB RAS are studied in connection with the task of developing an adaptive optics system of the Large Solar Vacuum Telescope. The data of NCEP/NCAR in the period 1948–2016 are analyzed. Average and median values, first and third quartiles of the wind speed profiles to an altitude of 32.5 km are calculated for each month of the year. The seasonal variations in the tropopause height are obtained from NCEP/NCAR data. A model for the wind speed profile is suggested. A feature of the model is the consideration of wind speed at 200 hPa as an indicator of the quality of astronomical images.


astroclimate, wind speed, adaptive optics


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