Vol. 31, issue 02, article # 4

Paramonov L.E. Spectrum of absorption coefficients and intracellular concentration of cyanobacterial pigments by the example of Spirulina platensis. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2018. V. 31. No. 02. P. 103–108 [in Russian].
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An analytical estimate of the absorption cross section for homogeneous nonspherical particles and their suspensions is suggested and justified. On the example of Spirulina platensis, a method for evaluating the spectrum of pigment absorption for photosynthetically active radiation, excluding the use of pigment extracts, is considered. The effect of the size and shape distribution of cells on the absorption spectra is studied. The intracellular concentrations of chlorophyll a, phycoerythrin, and phycocyanin are estimated.


spectrum of absorption coefficients, Spirulina platensis, intracellular concentration of pigments, chlorophyll a, phycocyanin, phycoerythrin


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