Vol. 30, issue 05, article # 12

Solodov A.M., Solodov A.A., Dеichuli V.M., Kuryak A.N., Osipov K.Yu., Petrova T.M., Ponomarev Yu.N., Ptashnik I.V. Modification of the experimental setup of FTIR spectrometer and 30-meter optical cell for measurements of weak selective and nonselective absorption. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2017. V. 30. No. 05. P. 431–434 [in Russian].
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The description of the improvement of the experimental setup based on Fourier spectrometer Bruker IFS-125 and 30-meter multipath optical cell is given in the paper. The improvement includes the cell equipment with a system of automatic adjustment of the number of beam passes without its depressurization and ensures the cell work at high temperatures.


Fourier spectrometer, multiple-pass cell, absorption spectrum


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