Vol. 3, issue 08, article # 9

Lukin I. P. Effect of the spatial nonuniformity of the absorption coefficient and the index of refraction of a medium on the curvature of the wavefront of the sounding radiation. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1990. V. 3. No. 08. P. 777-780. PDF
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The characteristics of a narrow optical sounding beam, propagating in a medium with weak saturation of resonance absorption, are investigated theoretically. An analytical solution is constructed, based on an aberration-free approximation, for the second-order mutual coherence function of the sounding radiation. The simultaneous effect of spatial nonuniformities of the absorption coefficient and the index of refraction of the medium on the characteristics of an optical sounding beam, which is narrow compared with the transverse linear size of the beam of intense laser radiation, is analyzed. The conditions under which the parameters of the absorbing medium can be measured by recording the displacement of the image of the sounding laser beam after the focusing lens are determined.


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