Vol. 29, issue 11, article # 7

Venediktov V.Yu., Venediktov D.V., Gorelaya A.V., Dmitrieva A.D., Dmitriev D.I., Kudryashov A.V., Lovchy I.L., Tsvеtkоv A.D., Shalymov E.V., Sheldakova Yu.V., Shubеnkоva E.V. The study of propagation and adaptive optics correction of a laser beam along an atmospheric path protected from external influence. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2016. V. 29. No. 11. P. 942–948 [in Russian].
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The paper considers the performance of an adaptive optics system and its components at an artificial atmospheric beamlet, which can provide the controlled and reproducible influence onto the radiation beam along its path. The paper outlines the results of experimental investigation of the polychrome radiation wavefront distortions measured with the use of two Shack–Hartmann sensors. Qualitative and quantitative comparisons of wavefront parameters were carried out. The relationships between the wavefront parameters and the radiation wavelength were revealed for various lengths of the atmospheric path.


adaptive optics, atmospheric beamlet, wavefront aberrations, wavefront sensor


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