Vol. 29, issue 07, article # 9

Dagurov P.N., Dmitriev A.V., Dobrynin S.I., Zakharov A.I., Chimitdorzhiev T.N. Radar interferometry of the soil’s seasonal deformations and the phase model of backscattering of microwaves by a two-layer medium with rough boundaries. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2016. V. 29. No. 07. P. 585-591 [in Russian].
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The results of satellite differential radar interferometry in L-band (wavelength is 23 cm) are shown for the vertical land movement estimation due to seasonal deformations. A comparison was performed between results of radar interferometric measurements and field geodetic data. It was found that in winter, the discrepancy between interferometric and geodetic measurements does not exceed 1 cm, and in summer, when the moisture of topsoil changes, the discrepancy reaches 2–2.7 cm. The phase model of backscattering of microwaves by a two-layer soil with rough boundaries is proposed to assess the observed phase residuals. The model allows us to estimate the phase of backscattering wave. It is based on the ray approach and the assumption of small irregularities of the boundaries. The results of numerical calculations show that the layered structure of the earth's cover can cause a noticeable variation in the phase of backscattering wave.


radar interferometry, deformation of soil, backscattering of microwaves, layered soil, wave phase


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