Vol. 28, issue 11, article # 6

Korshunov V.A., Zubachev D.S. Determination of the parameters of wave disturbances in the middle atmosphere from data of lidar sensing. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2015. V. 28. No. 11. P. 993–1002 [in Russian].
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The vertical profiles of temperature of middle atmosphere (30–60 km) are derived from data of lidar sensing at 355 and 532 nm wavelengths using a modified Rayleigh method. Temperature disturbances on the background of average profiles are extracted using a smoothing spline. The vertical profiles of the potential energy density of gravity waves are calculated immediately on the basis of temperature fluctuations. The special parameters of wave disturbances, including local power spectra of temperature fluctuations, potential energy, vertical phase velocity, and period for separate wavelengths are determined using the continuous wavelet analysis. The software developed enables one to find characteristics of the wave disturbances localized in time and separated on the wavelength scale (wave packets). Results of lidar measurements carried out at Obninsk are presented.


lidar, gravity waves, middle atmosphere, wavelet analysis


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