Vol. 28, issue 04, article # 6

Konoshonkin A.V., Kustova N.V., Borovoy A.G. Beam splitting algorithm for light scattering by atmospheric ice crystals. Part 1. Theory. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2015. V. 28. No. 04. P. 324-330 [in Russian].
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The article discusses the theoretical basis of the beam splitting algorithm for the problem of light scattering by atmospheric ice crystals in the geometrical optics approximation. The paper considers the solution of light scattering problem in terms of Jones and Muller matrices, which is the basis of the beam splitting algorithm. Special attention is paid to the interface of the software implementation of the algorithm. The developed algorithm is freely available as open source software.


geometrical optics, beam splitting algorithm, light scattering, ice crystals


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