Vol. 28, issue 04, article # 10

Beloplotov D.V., Lomaev M.I., Tarasenko V.F. On the nature of radiation of blue and green jets at laboratory discharges initiated by runaway electrons. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2015. V. 28. No. 04. P. 349-353 [in Russian].
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Performed spectroscopic and amplitude-temporal studies of jets in discharges initiated by runaway electrons have been studied. Pulse-periodic discharge was used. It is show that the color of the part of jets observed during laboratory discharges is determined by the radiation on transitions of vapour metal electrodes. It is found that blue mini jets from an electrode with a small radius of curvature appear in the cases of stainless steel and aluminum electrodes and are caused by radiation of atomic transitions of these metals. Green mini jets observed near copper electrodes are mainly caused by radiation of coper atomic transitions at wavelengths of 521.8 and 522 nm. It is confirmed that the jets of different colors appeare due to the bright spots on electrodes, as well as sparks in the discharge.


pulse-periodic discharge initiated of runaway electrons, blue and green mini jets in air, nitrogen and argon of average pressure


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