Vol. 27, issue 06, article # 11

Ageev B.G., Sapozhnikova V.A. Some features of gassing from annual rings of conifers. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2014. V. 27. No. 06. P. 534–538 [in Russian].
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Results of our investigations of gas content in rings of tree discs have shown that a significant part of CO2 generated under cell respiration remains in tree stems. Content of this CO2 exceeds the atmospheric CO2 content in most cases and forms the annual distribution over a disc. For these investigations, for the first time we use the method of laser photoacoustic gas-analysis. In this work, some features of the obtained chronologies (year-to-year distributions) of gas probes are discussed.


annual rings, carbon dioxide, annual distribution


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