Vol. 23, issue 07, article # 6

Ageev B.G., Kistenev Yu.V., Nikiforova O.Yu., Nikotin E.S., Nikotina G.S., Fokin V.A. Application of the integral estimation of the object state for the expired air analysis and the human disease diagnostics. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2010. V. 23. No. 07. P. 570-579 [in Russian].
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The influence of various factors (magnitude and character of measurement noise, the magnitude of both reference and analyzed samples, carbon dioxide and water vapor concentrations in the analyzed air probe) on the integral estimation of the object state was investigated, using methods of numerical simulation. It was shown that integral estimation calculation, using spectral scans of expired air in a region of the CO2 laser generation, can be used for human disease diagnostics. Using the model and experimental data, it was also shown that the dependence of the self-descriptiveness criterion on the laser radiation frequency reflects the most specific peculiarities of the absorption spectrum of the analyzed probe.


integral estimation of state, breath air analysis, photoacoustic spectroscopy, multiwave CO2 laser