Vol. 23, issue 06, article # 9

Cheremisin A. A., Kushnarenko A. V. Estimation of photophoretic interaction of aerosol particles in the stratosphere. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2010. V. 23. No. 06. P. 475-479 [in Russian].
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Photophoretic interaction of spherical form particles has been calculated depending on their sizes and distance between them. Particles strongly absorbing visible solar and terrestrial IR radiations, similar to soot particles, have been considered. Free-molecule regime approximation and Monte Carlo algorithms have been used to calculate these forces. Photophoretic repulsive forces significantly exceed gravity by tens or hundreds times in the stratosphere during daytime when particles absorb solar radiation. These forces decrease considerably at night when only terrestrial IR radiation is absorbed. The dependence of photophoretic interaction on distance is of Coulomb type at Knudsen number more than one. It is possible to assume that photophoretic forces are able to affect aerosol particles coagulation depending on particles sizes, optical properties, and irradiation conditions.


aerosol, stratosphere, photophoresis, coagulation, Monte Carlo