Vol. 23, issue 05, article # 11

Dudorov V.V., Kolosov V.V. Anisoplanatic turbulence correction in incoherent imaging by using reference sources with different wavelengths.. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2010. V. 23. No. 05. P. 392-397 [in Russian].
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A possibility of phase compensation of incoherent images of an object illuminated by radiation with different wavelengths is investigated. The research is carried out based on the method that is further improvement of the algorithm for numerical simulation of incoherent imaging through the atmosphere in conditions of anisoplanatic turbulence developed by the authors [Lachinova S.L., Vorontsov M.A., Dudorov V.V., Kolosov V.V., Valley M.T. // Proc. SPIE. 2007. V. 6708. 67080E]. The dependence of degree and region of the image quality improvement on the ratio of the reference wavelength to the image-forming radiation one is shown.


incoherent image, phase compensation, anisoplanalic turbulence