Vol. 23, issue 03, article # 3

Rakhimov R.F., Makienko E.V. Some methodical additions to the solution of the inverse problem of retrieving the dispersion structure parameters of smokes of mixed composition. // Optika Atmosfery i Okeana. 2010. V. 23. No. 03. P. 183-189 [in Russian].
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Dynamics of variations of the polarization and microstructural characteristics of smoke aerosols is considered based on spectral nephelometric measurements. The practice of solution of the inverse problems of aerosol light scattering using the spectral nephelometric data has shown that more detailed determination of the refractive index of particles is necessary for retrieval of the disperse structure of the smokes of mixed composition, than for the smokes of pyrolysis. To adequately retrieve the size spectra of mixed smokes, the data on CRI should be determined at least in two neighbor size ranges with intermediate boundary for the particle radii from 200 to 400 nm. The estimates show that the values of the real and imaginary parts of the refractive index vary depending on the size of smoke particles.


smoke particles, mixed composition, refractive index, optical properties