Vol. 20, issue 12, article # 1

Ivanov A.P., Chaykovskii A.P., Zege E.P., Kabashnikov V.P., Kakareka S.V., Katkov V.L., Krasovskii A.N., Popov V.M. Study of transboundary transport of atmospheric pollutants in the region of Belarus. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2007. V. 20. No. 12. P. 956-965.
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The lidar and radiometric complexes for measurement of aerosol and ozone contents in the atmosphere are constructed. An algorithm is developed for joint processing of lidar and sun photometer data. To obtain information from adjacent regions, we used the data of global and regional observation networks of atmospheric monitoring. Data on ozone layer in the region of Belarus are presented. Development of ozone anomalies is explained by the process of migration of "ozone holes." The program for calculation of three-dimensional air mass trajectories in the free atmosphere and atmospheric boundary layer is developed. The created local and interregional models of aerosol and gas transport on the scales from a few tens to hundreds of kilometers are adapted to conditions of Belarus. The influence of big industrial centers on pollution of Belarus territory by aerosols and gases is estimated.