Vol. 20, issue 10, article # 10

Demin V.I., Beloglazov M.I., Shishaev V.A. On ozone contents in the surface layer over the Spitsbergen Archipelago in 2005-2006. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 2007. V. 20. No. 10. P. 827-830.
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The results of measurements of surface ozone on the Spitsbergen Archipelago in 2005-2006 are presented. The seasonal ozone variation shows a pronounced maximum of monthly mean values in late spring (April-May) and a minimum in summer (July-August). The surface ozone concentration during the polar day period does not exceed that in the polar night period. The daily mean surface ozone concentrations range between 25 and 35 ppb in more than 50% cases and between 20 and 40 ppb in 86% cases. The diurnal ozone variation in the surface layer was not detected for the most part of the year and is very weak in summer. The mean amplitude of diurnal variation is smaller than 2-4 ppb even during summer months.