Vol. 2, issue 03, article # 17

Kabanov M. V., Kistenev Yu. V., Ponomarev Yu. N. The effect of the air-broadened line center shift on the characteristics of optical pulses propagating through the atmosphere. // Atmospheric and oceanic optics. 1989. V. 2. No. 03. P. 260-262. PDF
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The paper deals with influence of the absorption line center shift with air pressure on time shape and energy of the Gaussian shape coherent optical pulses at the resonance absorption their of on vertical atmospheric path. The calculation is brought about for an H2O line with λ= 0,69438 μm. The influence of the absorption line center shift on the vertical atmospheric path has been shown to essentially depend upon both the ratio of the pulse spectrum width to the absorption line width and upon the detuning value of the pulse frequency from the resonance.


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